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Filtration Boreal
Incomparable water quality

Along with the pump, the filter is the central component of the filtration system, containing a filtration medium (sand or glass) which removes impurities from the water for a crystal-clear pool.
The Zodiac® Boreal filter is specifically designed to use Zodiac® Crystal Clear filtration media.

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Zodiac® has designed a strong filter,

with a glass fibre reinforced polyester housing for optimum durability.

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Maintenance and wintering made easy

thanks to a large drain and threaded connectors. 

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The pressure gauge showing the operating pressure

is positionable on the top cover of the multi-way valve. 

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Data sheet

Description : 

Tank material: Glass-fibre reinforced polyester

Multi-way valve: Side-mounted, 7 way (filtration-washing-rinsing-drain-circulation-closed-winterizing)

Pressure gauge position: On the top cover (can also be installed on the multi-way valve)

Connections: All connections are threaded for easy maintenance (multi-way valve and piping)

Emptying drain: 2.5 cm (water) / 4.0 cm (filtration media)

Technical specifications

Tank diameter (mm) 400 - 900
Max. flow rate (m³/hr) 7.5 - 31.5
Filtration area (m²) 0.13 - 0.63
Diameter of threaded connections 1½'' - 2'' depending on model
Total weight of Crystal Clear (kg) 60 - 300 depending on model
No. of bags - Crystal Clear 1.0/3.0 mm 1- 5
No. of bags - Crystal Clear 0.5/1.5 mm 3 - 15
Total weight of sand 0.4/0.8 mm (kg) 65 - 325 depending on model
Working pressure (bar or kg/cm²) 0.5 - 1.5
Maximum pressure (bar or kg/cm²) 2.5


Guarantee: 3 years

Accessories included in the pack:

- Multi-way valve

- Pipe kit

- Pressure gauge

- Screw kit

Associated products:

- Crystal Clear

- FloPro™ VS

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