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Filtration Crystal Clear
Exceptional fineness of filtration:

Crystal Clear, the medium made of glass crystals providing ultra-fine filtration and preventing the formation of biofilm (bacterial growth) in the filter.
Crystal Clear is specifically designed for the Zodiac® Boreal filter.
Crystal Clear can also be used in other types of media filter (commonly known as “sand filters").
Crystal Clear is available in 2 particle sizes (coarse and fine) which should be used together in the filter.

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Filtration Crystal Clear
Innovative technology

Crystal Clear filtration glass is manufactured exclusively from pure translucent recycled glass.
More efficient than normal sand, Crystal Clear provides a filtration rating below 20 µm in comparison to sand filtration at about 50 µm. Water circulates easily through this filter, enabling faster cleaning.

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Filtration Crystal Clear
Economical and eco-friendly
up to 1,600 L of water saved each year

Compared with sand, Crystal Clear provides water savings up to 75% when washing the filter.
This is due to the natural absorptive capacity of Crystal Clear glass, enabling "volume" filtration (as opposed to "surface" filtration with sand). When washing the filter, particles are more easily detached from the glass, making washing cycles shorter.

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Technical specifications

Contents Filtering medium made from 100% pure glass
Appearance Translucent
Dosing Total weight in the filter = 10% less than the equivalent in sand
Crystal Clear coarse (1.0/3.0 mm) sufficient to cover the filters
Crystal Clear fine (0.5/1.5 mm) supplement to make up the total weight
Bag dimensions (l x h) 45 x 65 cm
Bag net weight 15 kg


Associated products:
- Boreal Filter
- Variable speed pump FloPro™ VS
- MagnaPool®

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Crystal Clear
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