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Recirculation pumps FloPro VS

Thanks to its variable speed, the FloPro™ VS pump has two major advantages: reduced electricity consumption by up to 90 % and an ultra-silent operating mode, which is up to 26 decibels (dB(A)) quieter*, which is similar to the quietness of a library. The pump can operate for longer periods during the day, at a lower speed. FloPro™ VS can therefore pay for itself in three to four seasons, thanks to energy savings (depending on the local cost per kWh). Click here [link to energy calculator] to use our energy saving calculator and accurately measure the savings you can make. 

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Recirculation pumps FloPro VS

Thanks to its 8 programmable speeds, separate speeds, ranging from 600 to 3,450 rpm, can be set for each pool function (such as normal filtration, heating, cleaning, etc.) for optimised management of your electricity consumption.

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Recirculation pumps FloPro VS

The remote control enables you to control your FloPro™ VS from wherever you like.

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Recirculation pumps FloPro VS
Easy to install,
even as a replacement

Thanks to the “Easy Retrofit” system, pumps can be installed without changing the piping. So, they are compatible with most existing installations.

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Recirculation pumps FloPro VS
Easy maintenance

A pre-filter basket that is up to 117% larger means more debris can be captured before the filter needs to be cleaned.

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Data sheet


User interface: 2-line, backlit LCD screen, remote interface (remote kit supplied)

Languages: 6 (FR-EN-ES-DE-IT-NL)

Operating mode(s): Normal stand-alone, connected to Zodiac® AquaLink® TRi automation, external speed activation by dry contact

Clock/Timer: 24 hr clock, timers (speeds 1 & 2), operating time (speeds 3 & 4)

Number of speeds: 8 programmable and assignable speeds (± 10 rpm)

Priming: Automatic at start up, adjustable priming time and speed

Safety features: Electronic frost protection, Automatic high or low voltage cut-out

Compatible pipework: DN50 mm & DN63 mm (2" threaded pump inlet/outlet)

Usage: Fresh water and salt water up to 6 g/L (6000 ppm)

Dimensions: see diagram in PDF

  • 2 pump stands provided for easy installation
  • Remote user interface kit provided

Technical specifications

Motor type: Permanent magnet synchronous motor (ECM* technology), TEFC**, class F insulation
Efficiency: > 80% (as per standard IE3)
Power output (P2): 1.65 HP / 1.23 kW
Flow rate at 10 mWC: 24.1 m3/h (at 3450 rpm)
Maximum flow rate: 30.7 m³/h
Maximum manometric head: 21.5 m
Maximum water temperature: 35 °C
Speeds: 8 programmable speeds (timer)
Speed range: 600 – 3,450 rpm (adjustable in intervals of 10 rpm)
Protection factor: IPX4
Connections for external controls: RS485 for connection to AquaLink® TRi, dry contact for external activation (speeds 1 to 4)
50 Hz power supply: 220-240 VAC
Dimensions (cm) (W x D x H): 59.8 x 25.4 x 32.4
Weight (kg): 17 kg (pump only)
Pre-filter basket volume: 2.6 L


Guarantee: 3 years

Accessories included in the pack:

- Remote interface kit 

- Thin pump stand

- Thick pump stand

- 63/50 mm union connectors

Associated products:

- Boreal filter

- AquaLink® TRi


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FloPro VS
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