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Zodiac Sweepy Free electric pool cleaner

Pool cleaner Zodiac  Sweepy Free®

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Automatic or remotely contolled: cleaning perfection

Price: €1,829.00

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  • Smart navigation using the ISS® (Intelligent Steering System®) technology
  • Wireless remote control to freely guide the robot to perfect cleaning in the most difficult zones such as corners or steps.
  • Choice of surfaces to clean: bottom only or bottom and water line
  • A choice of 2 cleaning cycles:
    • Express Clean (Eco Cycle): for users in a hurry who need fast and efficient cleaning or for pools that are not very dirty.
    • Intensive Clean (Perfection Cycle): for the perfectionists who want the best clean.
  • Fine filtering to stock all types of debris
  • Electronic motor protection and "Beach" system
  • Available with 1 cable version: 16.5 m and 2 brush versions: foam and blade

Pool type

  • Private in ground pools or above ground pools with rigid sides. Maximum 15m x 7m
  • All shapes: rectangular, oval, round, free form
  • All bottoms: flat, gentle slope, varying slope, diamond point.
  • All surfaces: tiling, liner, polyester shell, reinforced PVC, painted concrete.
Installation By the user
Technology Electric
Power supply Autonomous, connection to 230 V ahead of the transformer
Cleaning cycle 45 min, 1hr15, 1hr20 and 2hr
Number of motors 3
Movement Electronic or remotely controlled navigation
Transmission Using belts
Climbs the sides Yes
Cleans the water line Yes
Safety Beach system, out of water safety, Diagnosis System, motors electronically protected
Guarantee 2 Years
Accessories included in the pack Transport caddy, control box, blade or foam brushes, fine debris filter bag, remote control
Accessories sold separately Fine debris filter bag, coarse debris filter bag, foam brushes, blade brushes, protective cover, black blade brushes X2, blue indigo blade brushes X2.

Technical specifications

Control box power supply 230 V 50 Hz
Robot power supply 30 V DC
Absorbed power 150 W max
Cable length 16.5 m
Cleaner size (L x W x h) 42 × 40 × 28 cm
Package size (L x W x h) 58 × 58 × 59 cm
Cleaner weight 10 kg
Packaged weight 22 kg
Filtering surface 3,200 cm2
Filtering capacity Extra fine
Theoretical cleaning width 330 mm
Pump flow 16 m3/hr

2 year guarantee.