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Soothing water design to make the most of your pool

Design Powerfall
and personalisation

The Powerfall waterfall gives your pool the power to calm with its soothing sounds and water-massage capability. It brings out the best in your pool, giving you serenity and a feeling of well-being. 

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Design Powerfall
A reliable,
top-of-the-line product

Its manufacturing quality assures even water distribution without fail. Powerfall is the first waterfall made from ABS. Its patented X-Baffle design ensures durability.

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Data sheet

Relaxing sound effects

Pool customisation and decoration

Up-market added value to the pool

Quality manufacturing for a totally even spread of water

Powerfall is the first waterfall made using ABS

Strength guaranteed by its patented X-Baffle deflectors

Power /Flow


18” Powerfall

(46 cm x 15 cm)

24” Powerfall

(61 cm x 15 cm)

36” Powerfall

(91 cm x 15 cm)

3/4 CV

12 m3/h

1 CV

15 m3/h

1,5 CV

22 m3/h

2 CV

30 m3/h


Optimal flow


Minimum flow

Maximum Flow

18” Powerfall

4 m3 / hour

Max. 8 m3 / hour

24” Powerfall

5,5 m3 / hour

Max. 10 m3 / hour

36” Powerfall

8 m3 / hour

Max. 16 m3 / hour





Technical specifications

Power output equivalence / Débit
¾ HP 12m3/h
1 HP 15 m3/h
1.5 HP 22m3/h
2 HP 30 m3/h
For water blades, the optimal flow per fall is:
Powerfall 18" 4 m3/hr (Max 8 m3/hr)
Powerfall 24" 5.5 m3/hr (Max 10 m3/hr)
Powerfall 36" 8 m3/hr (Max 16 m3/hr)
The required piping should be adapted to the fall flow
< 13 m3/hr 50 mm
13 < … < 22 m3/hr 63 mm
22 < … < 31 m3/hr 75 mm


2 year guarantee.

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