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AquaLink Tri

Easy, Intelligent Pool Automation

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Information All In One Place,

You can connect all your pool equipment (Zodiac or other makes) - filtration, water treatment, heating, lighting, cleaning, water features, etc. - to your AquaLink TRi unit, letting you easily take control of it all.

Automation AquaLink Tri

Easy To Use

Using AquaLink TRi you can control, program and operate all the functionalities of your swimming pool, to suit your needs and habits. Create your own programs and break free from repetitive daily chores like water treatment and cleaning. The result: remote pool upkeep, whenever and from wherever you want.

Automation AquaLink Tri

The Most Compatible

It can connect with Zodiac products and products by other brands, and it allows you to control your equipment with a computer, tablet or smartphone. *Only Zodiac iAquaLink™ technology is compatible with all mobile platforms.

Automation AquaLink Tri


For example, you can create a program to operate your heat pump and pool cleaner from your workplace. That way, you can enjoy a clean pool that's heated just right, as soon as you get home!

Automation AquaLink Tri
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