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An exclusive magnesium-based
water treatment

The MagnaPool® an exclusive magnesium-based water treatment, combines the natural properties of MagnaPool® minerals with a filtration procedure of exceptional quality, for a healthy, balanced and environmentally friendly swimming pool.

A mineral-enriched swimming pool
of exceptional clarity

MagnaPool® provides exceptionally clear water without the need to add chemical disinfection products. This intense clarity is made possible by combining two innovative factors. Firstly, the powerful natural clarifying properties of magnesium in MagnaPool® minerals. And secondly, the exceptional water filtration qualities of the Crystal Clear filtration medium..

Effective and stable disinfection.

When the pool water is treated manually, the chlorine concentration varies considerably between each addition. This generates a 'saw-tooth' effect that can adversely affect water treatment effectiveness and bathing comfort. With MagnaPool®, the natural purifying properties, with no added chemicals, generated by the Hydroxinator® act gently and continuously, without the 'saw-tooth' effect. The result is continuous water purification. The pool water is healthy and always perfectly balanced.

Fewer chloramines
for unequalled bathing comfort

Compared with conventional water treatment systems (manual chlorine addition or salt electrolysis), MagnaPool® naturally slows the development of chloramines, molecules that can cause an unpleasant chlorine smell and eye or skin irritation.

Zodiac® has demonstrated that:
  • The MagnaPool® system generates 40% fewer chloramines than water treatment with salt electrolysis.
  • Chloramines form 4 times more slowly in a MagnaPool® pool than in water treated manually with chlorine or salt electrolysis.

With MagnaPool®, you are choosing an aquatic environment with water which is gentle on the skin, hair and eyes.

A system that saves water
and energy

The Crystal Clear medium used in MagnaPool® pools comprises thousands of pure glass crystals. Unlike sand, it is not receptive to bacteria and only requires a short filter wash (backwash). This means water consumption can be reduced by up to 75%.

No added chemical disinfection products.

MagnaPool® is a mineral-based water treatment system that does not require any added chemical, disinfectant or remedial products (no chemical compounds such as chlorine shock, algaecide, flocculants, etc.). These advantages make MagnaPool® a water purification system that is environmentally-friendly with particularly competitive pool maintenance costs.

Hydroxinator® Magnapool® Exclusive water treatment unit.
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MagnaPool® Minerals Magnapool® For a pure, crystal-clear swimming pool.
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