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MagnaPool® MagnaPool Hydroxinator
Naturally purifying properties

The Hydroxinator® and its treatment cell - with Crystal Clear filter media and MagnaPool® minerals - required for operation of the patented MagnaPool® system, exclusive water treatment using magnesium.

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MagnaPool® Hydroxinator®
Effective and stable disinfection

The Hydroxinator® automatically purifies the water, generating magnesium hydroxide with clarifying properties. When the pool water is treated manually, the chlorine concentration varies considerably between each addition. With MagnaPool®, the natural purifying properties of magnesium generated by the Hydroxinator act gently and continuously, without the "saw-tooth" effect. Result: continuously disinfected water that is healthy and always perfectly balanced for comfortable bathing.

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MagnaPool® MagnaPool Hydroxinator
Water that is gentle on the skin and eyes
40% less chloramine

Zodiac® research has demonstrated that the MagnaPool® system generates 40% less chloramine than water treatment using salt chlorination.
Chloramines are developed 4 times more slowly in a MagnaPool® pool than in water treated manually with chlorine or by salt chlorination.
With MagnaPool®, you are choosing an aquatic environment with water which is gentle on the skin, hair and eyes.

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MagnaPool® Hydroxinator®
Easy to install and use

The Hydroxinator® is easy to install and use, with a simple and intuitive interface. It requires no special maintenance other than an occasional visual check.

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Data sheet

For which swimming pools ? 


  Hydroxinator® 10 Hydroxinator® 18 Hydroxinator® 22 Hydroxinator® 35

Volume of water treated
(temperate climate, filtration 8 hours/day)

 40 m3 70 m3 100 m3 150 m3

Nominal chlorine production

10 g/h   18 g/h  25 g/h  35 g/h

Nominal output amperage

2,2 3,6 4,5 7,2


Description : 

User interface: 4-line, backlit LCD screen
Operating modes:
Normal, Boost (100%), Low (shutter mode 10%)
Clock / Timer:
24 hr clock / 2 timers
Polarity inversion:
Yes: 2.5 or 5 hour (factory setting = 5 hour)
Recommended mineral rate - minimum:
5 g/L - 4.5 g/L min
Safety features:
"Minerals" indicator: Production reduced to protect the electrode at low mineral levels.
"No flow" indicator: Production is interrupted as long as conditions are not ideal.
Mechanical flow rate sensor: YES
Cell position:
Compatible pipes:
DN50 mm, DN63mm, 1½ '' (48 mm), 2'' (61 mm)

Technical specifications

Cell life span* 10,000 hours (titanium plates, MagnaPool™- specific SC6 ruthenium treatment)
Power rating 195 W
Minimum flow rate (needed to purge air from the cell) 5 m³/hr
Maximum flow rate 18 m³/hr (above this, by-pass required)
Maximum permitted pressure in the cell 2.75 bar (KPa)
Maximum water temperature 40°C
Minimum water temperature 5°C
Length of cable from control unit to cell 1.8 m
Protection factor IP23
Cell dimensions (W x H x D) 32.0 x 13.5 x 11.0 cm
Dimensions of the cabinet (W x H x D) 31.0 x 33.0 x 11.0 cm
50 Hz power supply 220-240 VAC
*Under good operating conditions


Unconditional guarantee: 3 years

Composition MagnaPool® system
Hydroxinator® + MagnaPool® Minerals + Crystal Clear filtration media

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