Vortex 4WD RV 5500
Ultra-powerful, constant cyclone suction

Cyclone suction for pool cleaning robots is an innovation designed and created by Zodiac® engineers. This technology is a very powerful vortex that operates inside the filter, holding debris in suspension. This helps to reduce clogging of the filter and to maintain cleaning performance.

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Vortex 4WD RV 5500
All-terrain robotic pool cleaner

The RV 5500’s 4-wheel drive gives it perfect grip on your pool walls. It is also suitable for all types of coating and can easily manoeuvre around obstacles.

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Vortex 4WD RV 5500
Lighter to remove from the water
Patented Lift System

Lift System technology is an innovation that makes it easier to remove the robot from the pool. A powerful waterjet is activated as the robotic cleaner is removed from the water, making it lighter to lift.

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Vortex 4WD RV 5500
High suction capacity

Thanks to its extra-wide suction inlet and its high-capacity 5-litre filter, the RV 5500 sucks up and stores all types of debris for optimum user comfort.

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Vortex 4WD RV 5500
Anti-tangle device

The Vortex (4WD range) pool cleaner cable is fitted with a Swivel device that limits cable tangling when the cleaner is moving around the pool. This pivot turns on itself, thus preventing loops from forming in the cable. This helps the cleaner to clean the surface of the pool more effectively and the cable is stored easily at the end of the cycle.

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Data sheet

For which pools ? 

  • Types of pool : Private in-ground pools and above-ground pools with rigid walls, maximum 15 x 7 m
  • Pool shapes : Rectangular, oval, free shape.
  • Floors : Flat, gentle slope, composite slope, diamond shape.
  • Pool Surfaces : Tiles, liner, polyester hull, reinforced PVC, painted concrete

Description : 

  • Cleaning areas:  Floor / walls / water line
  • Number / Length of cleaning cycles:   multiple programms to Floor, Floor / walls /  water line and water line only
  • Power supply: Autonomous, connected to 230V mains supply before the transformer
  • Steering: Pre-programmed
  • Drive system: 4 wheel drive
  • Transmission : Gear Transmission
  • Brushes : yes ( Contact + brushes)
  • Lift System : yes
  • Full filter indicator: yes
  • Remote control : yes
  • Swivel device: no more cable tangling
  • Safety : Deck system, out of water safety, diagnostic, electronic motor protector
  • Filtration system / access: Rigid Filter canister with access over the cleaner

Technical specifications

Number of motors 3
Control box supply 200-240 VAC ; 50 Hz
Power supply 30 VDC
Operating power 150 W
Cable length 18 m
Cleaner size (L x W x h) 43 x 48 x 27 cm
Cleaner weight 9,5 kg (Packaged weight 19,2 kg)
Filtering surface and level 1280 cm² / 100μ
Filtering capacity 5 L
Theoretical cleaning width 27 cm
Pump Flow 16 m3 / h


3 years Warranty

Accessories included in the pack : 

- Trolley

- Control box

- Filter canister

- Sensory Kinetic remote control equipped with motion sensors

- Contact + brushes

Optional accessories( not included in the pack) : 

- Ultra-fine filter canister 60μ

- Large debris filter canister 200μ

- Fine debris filter canister 100μ

- Protective cover

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RV 5500
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