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eXO<sup>®</sup> eXO<sup>®</sup> iQ LS
Low salinity chlorinator

eXO® iQ LS uses the recommended salt level of 2 g/L for efficient disinfection, while being more respectful of the environment and equipment.

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eXO<sup>®</sup> eXO<sup>®</sup> iQ LS
All-in-one control

All water quality control is centralized in a single interface: pH, chlorination, additional equipment management (filtration pump, lighting...).

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eXO<sup>®</sup> eXO<sup>®</sup> iQ LS
Built-in Wi-Fi

The iAquaLink™ application allows you to have remote and real-time control of your water quality and your pool’s equiment(1) from your smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS).


(1) Connected to the eXO® solution.


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Data sheet


eXO® iQ LS 10 eXO® iQ LS 18

Volume of water treated in a temperate climate (filtration: 8 h/day)



Nominal chlorine production 10g/h 18g/h


Description : 

User interface: 4-line backlit LCD screen

Operating mode(s): Normal, Boost, Low (adjustable range: 0 to 30%)

Equipment control: 

Filter pump: single speed pump or Zodiac® variable speed pump.
2 additional equipment: lighting, booster pump, etc.

Polarity reversal: From 2 to 8h (factory setting = 5 h)

Salt level (recommended - min.): 2 g/L - 1,6 g/L minimum


- Temperature sensors: Chlorine production lowered in case of cold water to protect the electrode

- "Low salt" indicator light: Reduced production to protect the electrode

- “No flow” message: Production is interrupted as long as conditions are not ideal

- Mechanical flow sensor

Technical specifications

Working life of cells* 10 00h (titanium plates, SC6 ruthenium coating)
Power supply 195 W / 110-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz
Minimum flow rate (needed to purge air from the cell) 5 m³/ h
Maximum flow rate (limited by pressure drops in the pipe) 18 m³/h (Bypass mandatory over this level)
Maximum authorised cell pressure 2.75 bar (KPa)
Maximum water temperature 40 °C
Minimum water temperature 5 °C
Length of the cell cable 1.8 m
Protection index IP43
Cell size (l x w x h) 32.0 x 13.5 x 11.0 cm
Control box size (l x w x h) 32.0 x 37.0 x 12 cm
*Under good operating conditions


Unconditionnal warranty: 3 years


Accessories included in the pack:

- Wall mounting kit

- Flow switch kit

- Reducing bushes kit

- Temperature sensor kit


Associated products:

- pH Link Module

- Dual Link Module

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eXO® iQ LS
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