TRi Expert LS 	 pH Link
Plug & Play

The pH Link for quick and easy connection to the device.

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TRi Expert LS 	 pH Link
pH regulation

Intended mainly for eXO® iQ, eXO® iQ LS and Hydroxinator® iQ products, this module measures the pH of the water and injects correction product if required, automatically regulating the acid dose pH level. For optimal water balance. 

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TRi Expert LS 	 pH Link
Easy to install

With the POD Kit supplied, sensor installation is easier and measurements are more accurate.

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TRi Expert LS 	 pH Link

Reliable measurement using the POD's built-in measuring chamber. 

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Data sheet

For which swimming pools ? 

Max volume of water treated: 170 m³

pH dosage: Acid


Desription : 

User interface: Device’s interface (4-line, backlit LCD screen)

Calibration: Semi-automatic at 2 points pH 4 and pH 7 (buffer solutions included)

Setpoints: Adjustable - Factory setting: pH = 7.2

Sensor position: Vertical, on the POD (provided)

Safety : Overdosing safety, low measures, unplugged sensor, broken sensor (pH Link)

Technical specifications

Sensor type (pH) Combined process sensor, double junction and double porous, glass body
Reading scale 0.0 -12.0 pH
Reading accuracy 0.1 pH
Sensor Tolerances 0-60 °C, water speed ≤ 2 m/s
Maximum counter pressure (injection point) 1.5 bar
Peristaltic pH pump flow 1.8 L/hr
Cell size (l x w x h) 30.5 x 18.1 x 11.5 cm


Guarantee: 2 years


Accessories included in the pack:

- pH sensor

- pH 4 and pH 7 buffer solutions (3 of each)

- Hole saw

- POD Kit

- Plumbing kit


Optional accessories:

- Intake pipe

- pH 4 and pH 7 buffer solutions (6 of each)

- Winterizing cap

- 3m BNC cable extension

- Earthing anode

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