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Easy installation,
ideal for small spaces

Perfect for small pools (less than 15 square metres) and spas, this product is very simple to install. The console has a stand; simply place it in the pool room. 

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Free-standing dehumidifiers      DT 850
Performance and reliability

The dehumidifier allows you to keep your space clean and dry. Air temperature regulation is done with a mechanical hygrostat, enabling it to be kept constant. 

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Data sheet

For which pools?

  • Indoor or sheltered pools or spas
  • In ground pools or spas, above ground
  • Private pools or spas
  • Pools less the 15 m2

Installation: close to the pool, in the pool hall

Technical specifications

Electric power supply: single phased (230 V)
Temperature regulation : mechanical hygrostat


2 year guarantee.

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DT 850
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