RV 5480 iQ

Master The Power

  • Intelligent Remote Control
  • The Power Of Cyclone Suction
  • All-Terrain Agility


Intelligent Remote Control

The electric robot cleaner RV 5480 iQ can connect to your WiFi network and be monitored from your smartphone. Remote control allows you to manage very simply how your pool is cleaned and makes daily life easier.

Robots cleaners RV 5480 iQ

The Power Of Cyclone Suction

To guarantee optimum suction, Zodiac has created cyclone suction. By keeping debris in suspension thanks to a high-powered vortex, this patented technology makes it possible to reduce clogging of the filter. Cleaning is more powerful, right up to the end of the cycle.

Robots cleaners RV 5480 iQ

All-Terrain Agility

Its 4-wheel drive allows the RV 5480 iQ to move with agility in even the most challenging pools. It crosses obstacles in the pool with ease and adapts perfectly to all surface types.

Robots cleaners RV 5480 iQ
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