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Fitted dehumidifiers Sirocco Embedded
Drier air
without compromising your pool's aesthetics

To safeguard your pool enclosure from humidity, you can count on the effectiveness of the Sirocco in-wall unit. As an added benefit, it is nearly invisible. Installed using in-wall fittings between the service compartment and the pool enclosure, only the intake and ventilation grilles are visible from your pool. Installation is still very simple:  all you have to do is place it against the wall, and it occupies very little space. 

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Fitted dehumidifiers Sirocco Embedded
Hygro Control

With this control unit, you can regulate the humidity level. You can keep it at an optimum level for comfort: 65% It also regulates the thermostat, for models with the space-heater option. 

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Fitted dehumidifiers Sirocco Embedded
Optional space heating

Heating the air in the indoor pool's enclosure increases comfort and gives more control over the humidity level, which is influenced by ambient temperature. The console takes in humid air and expels warm, dry air. This functionality is available with an electric assistance unit (electric resistance) or a hot water coil (connection to your boiler, heat pump, geothermal, or solar heating source). 

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Data sheet

For which pools?

  • Indoor and sheltered pools
  • In ground and above ground pools
  • Private and public pools

Very easy installation : embedded in the wall between the pool hall and the technical room.

Only the intake grate and the blower grates are visible in the pool hall.

Temperature regulation : The hygro-control is used to regulate the temperature and the humidity level (digital display)


Technical specifications

Capacity in L/hr: from 2.3 to 4.6 L/hr
Power supply : single phased (230V) or three phased (400 V)
"Air heating" option : Electric complement or hot water battery


2 year guarantee.

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Sirocco Embedded
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