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The Zodiac group

A company dedicated to products for your pool: Zodiac Pool Care

Zodiac Pool Care Europe: the mission to innovate

Zodiac Pool Care Europe, created in 1998, handles operations related to maintenance and water quality.

Our job: to design, manufacture and sell innovative equipment for your pool:

Our origins: One hundred years of history on the water, on the ground and in the air

Zodiac Pool Care Europe is part of the Zodiac group.

The Zodiac saga: guided purely by passion

From its founding in 1896, Zodiac has developed the best outdoors technology with an approach that has always been forward looking. As time went by, discoveries and inventions led the company through the air and onto water. Market awareness, a pioneer spirit, and the will to improve: these are the principles that Zodiac faithfully observes as it strives for more safety and better performance. In the last century, this philosophy has allowed the brand to build its reputation and to develop a true bond of trust with the public.

The success of the Zodiac group is thanks to the dedication of its people and to the richness of its historical and economic context, but the first steps came from the will of its founder, Maurice Mallet. This young man, initially bound for a career as a painter, first discovered what it was to be lighter than air during a hot-air-balloon ride at Issy-les-Moulineaux, in 1879.

This experience proved to be a turning point, and it gave Mr Mallet a true calling.
Some years later, with the balloon pilot Paul Jovis, he founded a group called l'Union Aéronautique de France, or the Aeronautical Union of France. From then on, Maurice Mallet would devote his life to ballooning.


The craft that started it all: aeronautics

The Zodiac saga begins in Paris at the end of the 19th century, when Maurice Mallet founded the company Mallet, Mélandri et de Pitray. The firm specialised in the development and construction of airships and aeroplanes. The company took on as its objective the construction and use of a transportable ballooning park that would be usable at spa towns, thermal resorts and expositions. The gamble paid off, and at the Exposition Universelle of 1900 all of Paris was amazed by the games, the museum of meteorological instruments and the other technological attractions developed by Maurice Mallet's company.
Strengthened by this experience, which gave him a new reputation, Maurice Mallet was described by the international press as one of the two most important balloon-makers in the world. The company, renamed Société Française de Ballons Dirigeables et d’Aviation Zodiac, moved into the aerial transportation sector, at a time when others were committed to promoting the automobile.

The success already accomplished in the individual leisure market grew to encompass the business market. Ahead of his time, Mr Mallet approached major commercial entities, to whom he proposed a marketing vehicle both prescient and brand-new: the dirigible airship.

 In 1909, the first easily disassembled Zodiac airship, called the Zodiac I, was unveiled. In 1910, the company changed its name to Société Zodiac, anciens établissements aéronautiques Maurice Mallet - Zodiac Company, formerly Maurice Mallet Aeronautics Institutions. The signs of the zodiac, closely associated with the sky, doubtless inspired the choice of brand name and the original logo (the signs of the zodiac crossed with an airship).
Also, the English spelling of the Zodiac name went right along with the trend and style of the time.
Observation balloons, parachutes, airships ... The beginning of the First World War put a brake on the diversification of the company, which focused its production exclusively on military orders for aeronautical materiel. Afterwards, despite the death of Maurice Mallet in 1926, passion remained the driving force of the business, which decided to diversify its activities. In 1934, the famous Zodiac boat appeared: an inflatable kayak with two seats, which gave the brand considerable renown that it still enjoys today. From that point on, Zodiac shifted its focus to advanced technologies and the purchase of patents with high potential, such as that of the life jacket.
Taking advantage of the rise of leisure clubs, it branched out into areas such as pleasure craft, parachutes, and swimming pools.