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Our dehumidification solutions

Ambient dehumidifiers The simple choice for small pools

These single-block devices are specially designed for small volumes. Installation requires no construction work or ducting. The units can be placed in the room housing the pool, more than 2 metres from the pool. This free-standing solution is the simplest and most economical for maintaining relative humidity at a comfortable 65%.

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Through-the-wall dehumidifiers The discreet choice

These monoblock systems are installed in an adjacent machine room through the walls. Only an inlet grille and an outlet grille are visible in the pool room. This simple solution enables you to install the dehumidifier outside of the pool hall (in an adjacent technical room).

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Ducted dehumidifiers Perfect for conservatory pools

A ducted system is the only solution for dealing effectively with condensation on windows, as outlet grilles can be fitted along the glazed walls. Only these grilles are visible in the pool room, while the equipment itself can be installed in the adjacent technical room.

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