CNX™ range CNX™ range CNX™ range


Full on agility

The CNX™ range features powerful, long-lasting Zodiac® -patented cyclonic suction. Their helix-shaped brushes, dual-stage filtration (some models), and large suction inlet enable the effective capture of all types of debris, both large and small. With their exclusive design and embedded sensors, CNX™ robotic pool cleaners offer exceptional agility for any pool, regardless of shape or coating. Some models also feature the Lift System technology for easier removal from water, or even connectivity, with the  iAquaLink® application.

Robots cleaners CNX 20
Robots cleaners

CNX 20

Exceptional agility

  • Optimal cleaning performance
  • Integrated agility
  • Ease of use
  • Pool size : 10x5m
  • Transparent Window
  • Filter : 4L

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