Vortex™ 4WD range Vortex™ 4WD range Vortex™ 4WD range

Vortex 4WD

Ultimate power in 4WD

These robotic cleaners are truly all-terrain: they adapt to all kinds of surfaces, perfectly grip the walls and get over obstacles more easily. These robots are fitted with cyclone suction, ensuring powerful, long-lasting pool cleaning. Thanks to Lift System technology, these robots are also lighter when it comes to removing your cleaner from the pool.

Robots cleaners OV 5480 iQ
Robots cleaners

OV 5480 iQ

Connected Robotic Pool Cleaner: Master The Power

  • Intuitive and remotely controll...
  • Ultrapowerful & long lasting su...
  • Allterrain cleaner
  • Pool size : 12x6m
  • App iAquaLink
  • Swivel
  • Trolley

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