MagnaPool® Minerals MagnaPool® Minerals MagnaPool® Minerals

Magnapool Minerals

For a pure, crystal-clear swimming pool

MagnaPool® provides exceptionally clear water without adding any sanitizing chemicals. This intense clarity is made possible by combining two innovative factors: The powerful natural clarifying properties of magnesium in MagnaPool® Minerals. The exceptional fine filtration of the Crystal Clear glass media, make from pure glass crystals that are a central part of the MagnaPool® solution.

Water Treatment MagnaPool® Minerals
Water Treatment

MagnaPool® Minerals

For a pure, crystal-clear swimming pool.

  • A mineral-enriched swimming pool
  • Magnesium, an extraordinary ben...
  • Unequalled bathing comfort
  • MagnaPool Ecosystem
  • Eco-friendly
  • Bathing comfort
  • All type of pools

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