Our heating solutions

Heat pumps The economical and environmentally-friendly solution

Affordable, easy to install and environmentally friendly, heat pumps are the ideal solution for heating the pool while saving energy. As installation only requires an electric and hydraulic connection, this gives you the option to include a heat pump at the construction stage or add one to an existing pool later.

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Electric heaters The least expensive to purchase

Zodiac® electric heaters are efficient, easy-to-install solutions, available at a very competitive price. These compact, stand-alone heaters are fitted onto the filtration system. Simply switch on filtration to heat the water. After 2 to 5 days, the water will reach the chosen temperature, which will then be maintained for maximal bathing comfort.

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Heat exchangers Heating the pool using a domestic heating system

Installed close to the boiler, Zodiac® heat exchangers use the heating circuit in the house to heat the water in the swimming pool. This financially advantageous solution provides a fast and effective increase in temperature (within 1 or 2 days).

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