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FloPro™ VS

Connected and eco-responsible - The new generation of variable speed pumps

FloPro™ VS FloPro™ VS
Energy savings

Zodiac® variable speed pumps can operate for longer at a slower speed adapted to each pool's needs, thus reducing electricity consumption by up to 90%. This means the pump pays for itself in three seasons on average*.
Calculate your energy savings with the Zodiac® calculator.

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FloPro™ VS FloPro™ VS
Ultra-silent operation

Thanks to their advanced technology, Zodiac® variable speed pumps emit up to 24 dB(A)** less than a standard single-speed pump. A sound level comparable to that of a library.

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FloPro™ VS FloPro™ VS
Optimised water treatment

By using a slower speed adapted to all needs, the water flows more smoothly through the filter, with less pressure. This means optimised filtration, reduced risk of filter plugging and greater disinfection efficiency.

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FloPro™ VS FloPro™ VS
A FloPro model adapted to every need

- FloPro ™ VS AUT is the model dedicated to connectivity. Combined with the iQPUMP Wi-Fi module, it is remotely programmed directly from your smartphone via the free iAquaLink ™ application.


- FloPro ™ VS is the standard model * with remote user interface for easy viewing of speeds and conomation.

* Existing FloPro ™ VS pumps are compatible with iQPUMP. In this case the physical user interface will no longer be used.

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FloPro™ VS FloPro™ VS
FloPro™ VS with iQPUMP

The FloPro™ VS AUT model differs from other pumps due to its connectivity. With the Wi-Fi IQPUMP module (separate accessory), the pump is remotely programmable from your smartphone. The intuitive user interface allows you to control filtration from the free iAquaLink™ app. View your pump's status at a glance and register up to 10 different programs at any moment, wherever you are.

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Data sheet


User interface on the pump: LCD screen (standard model) - Without (AUT model dedicated to remote control)

Speeds: 8 programmable speeds (600 - 3450 RPM per 10 RPM)

Usage: Clear water or salt water up to 6g / L (6000ppm)

Pre-filter basket volume: 2.6 L


Technical specifications

Motor type Permanent magnet synchronous motor (ECM* technology), TEFC**, class F insulation
Efficiency > 80% (as per standard IE3)
Power output (P2) 1.65 HP / 1.23 kW
Flow rate at 10 mWC 24.1 m3/h (at 3450 rpm)
Maximum flow rate 30.7 m³/h
Maximum manometric head 21.5 m
Maximum water temperature 35 °C
Speeds 600 - 3,450 rpm (adjustable in intervals of 10 rpm)
Protection rating IPX4
Connections for external controls RS485 for connection to iQPUMP or AquaLink® TRi
50 Hz power supply 220-240 VAC
Dimensions (cm) (W x D x H): 59.8 x 25.4 x 32.4 (excluding stands)
Weight (kg) 17 kg (pump only)
* Electronically Commutated Motor
** Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled


Guarantee: 3 years


Accessories included in the pack: 

- Thin pump stand  

- Thick pump stand

- 63/50 mm union connectors

- Remote interface kit (standard FloPro™ VS only)


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FloPro™ VS
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