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Simple installation for larger pools

The U-shaped electric heater is ideal for large pools, from 80 to 160 cubic metres. It is easy to install in the service compartment, and it is installed in-line to limit loss of pressure.

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Optimised energy consumption

This heater is modular, because it is equipped with two heating elements. It can use just one heating element when the outside temperature is relatively high, in the summer. This way, you use less energy.

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Complete digital regulator

The RE/U is equipped with a complete digital regulator that modulates the thermostat, the timer, etc., to keep the pool water at the optimal temperature from season to season. 

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Data sheet

For which pools?

  •       Outdoor, Indoor and sheltered pools
  •       In ground, partially in ground, above ground
  •       Water volume from 60 to 160 m³ (under special conditions, consult your professional)
  •       Easy to install

Equipments : 

  •       Pre-wired control box with precision thermostat ± 0.5°C with
  •       digital display and timer
  •       Positive safety high temperature limiter
  •       Flow switch
  •       Luminous control switches + indicators
  •       Power contactors
  •       Pin water tightness using EPDM collars
  •       HYPALON electric connections

Technical specifications

Maximum vol. (m3) Consult your retailer
Operating power (kW) 6+6 to 12+12 (depending on model)
Absorbed intensity (A) 22 to 66 (depending on model)
Mini flow (m3/h) 5
Maxi flow (m3/h) 22
Hydraulic connection PVC Ø 50 or Ø 63
Weight 12 kg


2 years Warranty 

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