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DF2 Ducted

  • Easy installation in the technical room
  • Air heating options
  • 5 dehum capacities

Easy installation in the technical room

For effective treatment of condensation on glass walls, opt for the Zodiac DF2 ductable dehumidifier and keep your home free from humidity. The "horizontal" central unit is installed in the technical room, and the blower grilles are positioned along the glass walls for greater efficiency. Zodiac recommends installation by a certified professional.

Dehumidification DF2 Ducted

Air heating options

The options of heating the air in your indoor pool gives you more control over the humidity level and more comfort. The dehumidifer takes in humid air and expels warm, dry air. This optional functionality is available with an electric resistance or a hot water coil (connectied to your boiler, heat pump, geothermal or solar heating source).

Dehumidification DF2 Ducted

5 dehum capacities

It can be used for different sized pools, for more comfort; available in 5 different capacities, from 3,5 to 12,1 litres of air per hour.

Dehumidification DF2 Ducted
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